Flower Subscriptions

Our flower subscriptions are a wonderful way to give YOURSELF or someone special the gift of farm fresh seasonal flowers that just keeps giving.

We love bringing flowers into people's everyday! Flowers have a remarkable ability to spread joy, connect us with nature, change the feeling of a room - house - home. To me old fashioned cut flowers in the home is a really important part of life and we want to share the joy of fresh cut flowers on the kitchen table with you.

Flower subscriptions have become a really popular part of the growing momentum of the locally grown seasonal flower moment in other countries and this is something we really want to be able to offer to our little corner of the world. This is a big little dream we have been sitting on making happen for a long time now and hope so much that others love this idea as much as we do.

Standard flower subscriptions are available Posy Jars, Medium Market Bouquets or Large Market Bouquets delivered on Mondays or Fridays for 4 weeks with discounted pricing to say thankyou (SO MUCH) for supporting your local flower farmer.

If you have a different flower subscription in mind - maybe your interested regular DIY buckets of flowers, maybe you would like one of our lovingly created arrangements each fortnight, maybe you would like us to help you organise smaller weekly flower deliveries to your yours and others loved ones in a local nursing home (please, please someone choose this option, it is just something we would love so much to do) - contact us we are only to happy to help come up with a custom flower subscription for you.

You can find more information about our flower subscriptions in our products.